Dorrith Verstegen


Hi Fellies, my name is Dorrith, I am 20 years old and I am from the fantastic town of Wageningen. Yes, you read that correctly, this year the position of chairman is going to be fulfilled by someone from the North of the Netherlands. Nevertheless, in the two years studying Medical Sciences and Technology at the TU/e in Eindhoven, I have become a big fan of the culture of Brabant. The same time I became a student, I joined Fellenoord, where I have enjoyed doing many committees. I have not had enough yet of Fellenoord and would like to experience a great year as board of this wonderful association.


Jeroen Hilhorst


Heya Fellies! My name is Jeroen, 25 years old and originally from Woudenberg, a small village in the province of Utrecht. I study Psychology&Technology at the TU/e and this will be my third year. I have played tennis for years, but still suck at it. Thank god Fellenoord also offers parties! This year, I will take the role of secretary of Fellenoord, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Within Fellenoord, I have been in several committees, so I hope to fulfill a great board year with all the gathered knowledge!


Niels Meijers


Hi Fellies! My name is Niels, I’m 20 years old and born and raised in Tilburg. Today I’m a 3 year Applied Physics student on the TU/e. I’ve moved here to Eindhoven 9 months ago and as an fanatical tennis player from 8 years old till now, I’ve decided to subscribe myself to Fellenoord. From the beginning, I tried to be as active as possible by going to every activity and open tournaments. After seeing all the good stuff of Fellenoord in the past 9 months, I’ve decided to apply to be a member of the board! This because Fellenoord gives you the ultimate mix between Tennis and going to amazing activities. I’m happy to be entrusted as treasurer and I hope with my board and especially you guys, to have a great year!


Myrthe Twisker


Hey Fellies. My name is Myrthe, I’m 18 years old and currently in my second year of Architecture at the TU/e. Last year I came to Eindhoven for my study and moved here two months later. Since then, I’m a member of Fellenoord and tried to be there each clubnight and every other activity. Other than the awesome parties, I became member for the tennis. That’s why I hope to make each of you as enthusiastic as possible for the trainings, competitions and tournaments. Let’s make it a sporty year!


Jeffrey Smit


Hi everyone! My name is Jeffrey, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been raised in a town called Driebergen, which is a town near Utrecht. Even before I started studying here I knew I wanted to keep playing tennis here in Eindhoven. That is the reason I directly subscribed at Fellenoord during the introduction week, and ever since I am active here. After having done the Open Tournament Committee and the Technical Committee I wanted to take it one step further by being in the board this year. This year I will put my study of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences a little bit aside to make it a great year with everyone as the commissioner of activities!


Veerle Heijnen


Hey Fellies, my name is Veerle, I’m 21 years old and I’ve been raised in Velp, close to Arnhem. I’ve been a member of Fellenoord for 3 years, becoming more active every year. Last year I was the chairman of the Open Tournament Committee and I enjoyed that so much that I decided I wanted to do more for his amazing association by becoming the commissioner of Internal Affairs. Timewise this is perfect, as I just finished my Bachelor Industrial Design and have no clear idea of what master I want to do. Therefore I’m taking a gap year, where I’ll work parttime and set up a great year with all of you guys!

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